Why Do I Cry?

I would like to ask why I get very emotional and started crying whenever I pray or when certain worship songs are being played. Is this normal? Another question is, I once dreamt about Jesus, but I dared not to go near him despite him inviting me with open arms. Is it possible for people to dream about Jesus and what is the meaning behind this dream? For your information, I’m not yet a Christian. I was born into a Buddhist family, but over the years I’ve had a chance to know more about Christianity and Jesus. The feeling I described such as crying is something new to me that I never felt before when studying Buddhist scripture or praying to Buddha.

Thank you for your question. It’s perfectly normal to be very emotional when you pray or listen to worship music. Many people have written to me of this same experience especially during prayer. When a person is in contact with their Creator, emotions are bound to happen. We were created by God to have emotions so how much more when it has to do with Him?

People everywhere are feeling the same things as they seek God. The Holy Spirit was given for this very purpose – to make God real to us. He helps anyone who is truly seeking God by leading them into truth. It seems to me you are one of these. The fact that you had this dream confirms it. God is trying to make Jesus Christ real to you so you can know Him personally as your Savior. Once you’ve decided to accept Jesus as your Savior then you will have access to God as your Heavenly Father.

Accepting Jesus as your Savior is as easy as acknowledging that you are a sinner in need of His forgiveness. You can have this forgiveness simply by asking. Also, you must be willing to turn from your sinful ways. It’s my prayer that you’ll make this decision and know the joy of having a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. God bless you!

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